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4 Tips for Your New Years Resolution
January 2, 2012

If there is one item that exists on every New Year’s resolution list, it is get into better shape. Each year, “get a six pack” or “lose 20 pounds” is penciled down but quickly forgotten.
Whether shedding unwanted weight or increasing endurance is on your list, staying motivated throughout the year is a difficult task. Here is our list of quick tips to help you keep your resolutions during 2012.
Set Realistic Goals: You may want to have your beach body by Valentine’s Day, but changing your body chemistry can take some time. By setting manageable and achievable goals, you will begin to see progressive improvements in your body and mind and put you on the path to your end target.
Don’t Fixate: All too frequently, gym goers step on the scale expecting instant results. Just because you don’t see the inches dropping or the weight numbers declining, don’t lose hope! Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and your efforts at the gym are just transitioning your body makeup.
Outside the Gym: Even if you follow your fitness plan perfectly, double cheeseburgers from the golden arches after your workout compromise your end goals. Instead of burning off fat you already have, your workout shifts to burning off the fat you are taking in. Align your diet so that it complements your workout rather than detracts from it.
Personal Training: Don’t go it alone! Our team of experienced personal trainers can help you build workout plans, craft customized dietary suggestions, and be your biggest cheerleader to help you reach your fitness resolutions.
As the premier gym in Greeley, Work Out West is more than just free weights, courts, and equipment. We are a collection of individuals looking to help you get the most out of your gym membership. Check out our tips and videos from our unofficial spokesperson Dig Deep With Dolly on Facebook ( our stop any of the smiling faces you see around the gym for any comments or questions on how we can help you out.

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