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Creating A Workout Plan
January 31, 2012

Creating a workout regimen can be a difficult task. How much cardio should be in my weight training plan? How much weight training in my cardio plan? How much rest do I need?

The unfortunate answer is that there is no workout routine for everyone. Someone who wants to shave 30 seconds off their mile time and the grandmother who just wants to have more energy to play with her grandchildren have two radically different workout goals in mind. Bring your age, goals, diet, and any other details in when developing your custom workout plan, but you can take some of these tips and tricks to help you out.

Full Body: Even if you want to focus on a specific area of your body, a full body workout plan is the most efficient method for seeing results. Try to develop programs for each of the following groups and you will be well on your way.

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Push Muscles
  • Pull Muscles
  • Core

By keying in on all of these workouts, you will see benefits for your entire body and can make each and every one of your gym visits more productive.

Sets and Reps: What you are looking to accomplish will dictate how many sets and reps you should be aiming for, but we can give you a quick breakdown of what these different numbers can mean. Typically, we suggest a workout that includes between 15 and 25 sets for all of your exercises combined.

  • High Reps, Low Weight: Develops muscle endurance and size.
  • Low Reps, High Weight: Develops dense muscle and size.
  • Medium Reps, Medium Weight: A combination of the two.

Combining all three of these techniques helps build balanced and well rounded muscles that are both explosive and durable.

Look Around: If you see something that someone else is doing at the gym, add it to your own routine! Going out on a limb, but we doubt they have it trademarked. By adding new exercises to your routine, your muscles are constantly learning, preventing you from plateauing.

As always, if you want assistance with developing your own workout regimen, our experienced team of trainers are standing by to help you craft a plan built specifically for you and your needs. Sit down with any of our fantastic trainers next time you are in to begin developing your own program.

See you soon!

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