STOPthinkingClasses that we offer at Fit Studio start at sunrise and go until sunset. We are here for you to get in and get it done, whenever is convenient for you.

Our goal is to combine what we have already mastered in the fitness realms with the changing times and provide you with options that work. Our mission is to keep you moving and motivated, no matter which class you choose.

Our classes are built off a 45-minute session designed to target different muscle groups each day. Mondays are for your abs and chest, while Tuesday’s focus on your butt and legs. You never have to feel like you are missing an area or focusing too much on another. By the end of the week, we have worked through every muscle group, allowing you to have a full body experience with us.

Below is our schedule:
  • Monday- Upper Body, Core & Cardio
  • Tuesday- Lower Body, Core & Cardio
  • Wednesday- FULL BODY, Core & Cardio
  • Thursday- Upper Body, Core & Cardio
  • Friday- Lower Body, Core & Cardio
  • Saturday- FULL BODY, Core & Cardio

Contact us today to see the full schedule of classes and times to see what fits into your schedule.

The best thing about fitness is that any movement can be modified so it is just right for you. Baby boomers can exercise right next to seasoned athletes. Both achieve their individual goals and see the success they desire.

Using MYZONE fitness, you are able to monitor and track your physical fitness individually. During your class, your stats will be tracked and displayed on the wall to help our trainers guide you and encourage you to be in the correct zones.

Our studio floor is open and spacious so even the most nervous of our guests can feel like they have space to try things out. It has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind, creating an environment that you are sure to fall in love with.