2010 marked the beginning of my fitness journey. I was 25 years old and had changed a lot in my life all at once. On top of everything going on, I had stopped smoking cigarettes as well as drinking alcohol. I also started working out. Working hard for a year and a half really did pay off. I felt like a brand new person and wanted to spread my love for life to everyone around me. I felt like I had been put on this earth to help others, and that is exactly what I started to do. In 2012, I became a personal trainer and also received the title of Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor. That year I also suffered a horrible accident, tearing both of my ACLs. It did not stop me, though. My injury encouraged me to push myself harder than ever, recovering in 2013 and receiving the title of Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor again, as well as Synergy Cycle instructor, Tabata Bootcamp instructor, and a lighthouse in the fitness community. Fitness is my passion.