Hi my name is Linley, I have my B.S in Health Education and Nutrition from South Dakota State University.  Growing up, and all throughout my high school and college careers, sports have been my passion.  As each season started and came to an end, you begin to realize that dedication, consistency, and hard work, most of all, are what it takes to better yourself and achieve goals.  My sports-minded mentality keeps my personal training sessions very fast-paced by incorporating cardiovascular training in between weight training sets, to get the most out of each session with me.  So whether it’s increasing the intensity of your workout, achieving consistency or getting back into a routine, I want to apply my knowledge and driven attitude toward helping my clients reach their nutrition and fitness goals through dedication, consistency, and hard-work.
To reach Linley message her at lmcinerney_18@hotmail.com. For small group training or one on one training call the training office at 970-330-9109