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I’ve been teaching fitness classes for 30 years and training for 15 with a wide range of experience. I love helping people transform their bodies and become healthier, have more energy and become confident and strong.  I believe there is always hope for everyone and it’s never too late to start.  I can work with people who are interested in weight loss, body sculpting and toning, flexibility, Pilates, HIIT, and improving cardiovascular health. I work with all ages of adults and also have experience in older adults and handicapped individuals.  I also have the added bonus of being a certified Holistic Health Coach which focuses on the whole person, mind, body and spirit for a more holistic approach.
Join Susan in one of her group exercise classes or contact her directly for personal training! Her email address is If you want more information or want to get in contact with our training office, call 970-330-9109. Hold yourself accountable with buddy training! Have a buddy join you and train with one of our trainers together!