Taekwondo is for everyone!

As a martial art, it teaches key values such as Integrity, Respect, Self control, Indomitable spirit, Perseverance, and Discipline. While learning these amazing things you also will receive an incredible workout and achieve things you never thought possible. We will help you improve your flexibility, agility and strength to become the person you want to be.Taekwondo is a Family sport. Many families across the country enjoy martial arts together. Taekwondo is a fantastic opportunity for you to bond with your child, because the family that kicks together, sticks together!

More than sport, more than exercise.

The skills you learn in Taekwondo transfer over into everyday life as well. Practicing respect for your seniors and juniors will take you further in life than any other life skill. The disciplined practice of Taekwondo grows confidence and pushes students to strive toward higher goals and take risks they would have never thought of before.

Family & Community

Here at Work Out West Taekwondo Academy we create an environment where we want everyone to feel welcome. The Studio is a place where everyone respects one another and where each person works hard to not only better themselves but to encourage those around them. When you wear the Academy uniform you are a part of our Taekwondo team!