Meet our Instructors!

Brandon Lau

I began my Taekwondo journey when I was 7 years old as a student with a small ATA school in Woodland Park Colorado. I had finally found my sport and before long my sister and parents joined me. We earned our black belts together and continued up through 3rd degree black belt. During my time as a black belt my I began my instructor trainee certification until I moved to college at UNC. I became involved with the UNC Taekwondo club and learned WTF style Taekwondo. In 2016 I took the role of head instructor and Vice President at the club, my experience as a teacher, my studies in exercise science and my passion for martial arts grew the club rapidly over three semesters. Most of my competition experience was at midwest collegiate Taekwondo competition and the annual Denver university twin dragon and lone wolf tournaments during college. I competed in sparring, board breaking and forms where I earned several gold and silver medals. In the spring of 2017 I became Co-President and continued as Head Coach, by the end of the semester earned my official black belt of WTF style. In fall of 2017 my partner Jeremy and I began our quest to bring you Work Out West Taekwondo Academy.

The skills I have learned in my 14 years Taekwondo training continue to guide me in my everyday life. My passion for teaching has led me to start a Taekwondo school of my own. I am so excited to see how the Work Out West Taekwondo Academy will challenge and grow me as a martial artist, teacher and as a leader.

Jeremy Hinman

I have grown up doing martial arts throughout my entire life. I started doing taekwondo at the age of 10 and absolutely fell in love. I have experience in many different martial arts including brazilian ju jitsu, muy thai, hapkido, gum do, and many more. However, I have stuck with taekwondo the longest. Over my thirteen years of taekwondo experience I have achieved my 2nd degree black belt from Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation governing organization) and have competed all over. I have medaled in State, National, and International level tournaments and have taught for the last few years. I started my instructing career under Grand Master Chung Doo Hyung outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and now coach olympic sparring at University of Northern Colorado. Now I am joining work out west’s team in order to give Greeley an amazing martial arts learning experience.

Taekwondo Academy and Instructor certifications

  • We are associated with World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon
  • We are certified WT coaches
  • Brandon Lau has a degree in (2018) Sports and Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching and Nutrition
  • Jeremy Hinman has received gold medals in USA Nationals senior welterweight division sparring, US Hanmadang traditional forms, High jump-kick competition as well as power back kick competition. He has also placed gold in several divisions in the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Colorado state championships.

Grand Master Nak Sung

Work Out West Taekwondo Academy is officially in association with 9th Degree Black belt, Grandmaster Sung of the U.S. Taekwondo College in Fort Collins. Instructors Lau and Hinman are under the private instruction of Grandmaster Sung weekly.

Visit Grand Master Sung’s school website: