From the very beginning, I have loved all things athletic. I always have had a natural talent for sports; my weight had never been an issue…until I had babies. During both of my pregnancies, I became extremely nauseous whenever I cooked, which forced my to eat out a lot. After my second child, I made the decision to join a gym and started working out with other moms in very similar situations as me. I loved it, but it only got me to a certain point where I found myself hitting a plateau. It was then, that I decided to get a personal trainer and found that I was able to work out on an entirely different level. I reached all of my fitness goals, including body weight and body fat levels; I also had a passion for helping others the way I had been helped. That is when I became a personal trainer and started doing what I love for a profession. Fitness allows for self-motivation and the ability to push others to achieve their goals. Everyone is busy; I understand how hard it is to fit fitness into daily life. I thrive on being able to help others succeed and give them the tools they need in order to make fitness happen. Working out should be challenging yet productive, exciting, and fun!