When your Body has the Answers, Change the Questions

If you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, you’ve probably experienced “hitting a wall.”  You’ve been in a groove, making progress with your goals…then things slow down and level out. 

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When Life Gives You Lemons… Protein?

Protein intake is a topic of constant discussion among athletes and weekend warriors alike.  What is the importance of protein, what does it do for our bodies and how much is too much?

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Did You Hire A Real Trainer?


First off let me be blunt. There a lot of HORRIBLE personal trainers out there. These trainers are a waste of money and time. They have the potential to cause permanent injury or metabolic issues.

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Strength Training: Build Your Bones!

Most people know the many benefits of strength training – increased muscle mass, increased strength and increased metabolism to name a few.  However, for people over 50, resistance training is hugely beneficial to slowing bone density loss among other things.

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Ever Heard of IIFYM?

The truth is they are not wrong. I know, i know a bodybuilder defending IIFYM. As a traditionalist, macros and caloric deficit/surplus are the meat and potatoes of any traditional gain/loss program.

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