f1150a_d61d9508872840df8b81b44e935ef722It all started with a picture. When I was in Australia and New Zealand 12 years ago, I accumulated over 500 pictures that documented my family’s trip. In all 500 of those pictures, I saw one common trend: barely any photographs of me. I was not happy with what I looked like and it really hit me hard. At that point in my life, I was 40 pounds overweight and I was doing my best not be noticed by anyone. Right then and there, I joined a gym for the first time in my entire life. I decided that I would do personal training three times a week for an entire year. To force myself to stick to it, I paid for it all upfront. There was no changing my mind now. It was almost instantly that I noticed results, both physically and emotionally. I became braver, stronger, and happier; my self-confidence had grown almost overnight. When the year had come to an end, I had received my Personal Trainer certification and continued to train and improve my own health. I started helping people create their own training programs and helped them to achieve their very own weight loss goals and fitness. I loved fitness at this point. I have spent the past 12 years group training and personal training in order to touch as many people’s lives as possible while staying fit myself. I recently expanded my education, being able to help seniors and baby boomers, as well as athletes, women, and children. I also am great when it comes to helping those who are injured. I believe that youth is an expression resulting from a puddle of well-earned hard work.