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Coach Lauren Williams

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I have always been extremely interested in health and fitness. Track, martial arts, and cheerleading led me to discover my true passion. I earned my Pharmacy Doctorate from the University of Wyoming and after that, I found myself not knowing where to go, being without a sport for the first time in my life. I strongly believe humans innately want to be active. I think that there is an athlete within each of us, all it takes is finding out where you belong. I was on that path, searching and trying to figure out my place in the sports world. I tried racing, doing triathlons, mud runs and more. These were all fun, but none of them gave me the satisfaction I was longing for. Eventually, a friend suggested that I try competing in figure. I won my class at the Colorado State Bodybuilding Championships and for the first time in a long time, I felt complete. I felt empowered by what I had accomplished, seeing what hard work and determination had gotten me. I realized there is great potential in all of us. Through this experience, I had also become aware of the health practice some of my competitors were implementing, and not all were safe and healthy for their bodies. There are many ways to prepare for bodybuilding shows, just like there are to lose weight. You have to know what is good and what is harmful to see results that are actually good. That is why I became a Precision coach. I want to positively affect and educate people about scientifically-based healthy choices, supplements, and nutrition and how they need all three to have a truly healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy life is making healthy choices.

As a pharmacist, I more often than not see people who are making choices that are literally killing them. While I want to help treat them and their ailments, I also want to show them how to make better lifestyle choices. Approaching health and fitness with a multi-dimensional mindset, then you really have the potential to prevent problems, rather than just fixing them.

I am passionate about helping others through education and creating real, maintainable goals. I don’t believe in all of those trend diets, nor products that claim to fix your body problems quick. I believe in putting in the effort to find what works for you to obtain the results that you want to see. It is hard work, but the effort that you put in is what you will get out. Every one of my clients is different; let me help, train, and guide you to the best you yet. The time is now.

Coach Jeremy Gregory

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In a world controlled by diets, pills, and fitness myths, it is hard to know what to do and what to believe. Precision Nutrition is here to set the record straight and help you make the right choices for your health and fitness. My goal is to help people be successful throughout their journey, making themselves healthier. Fitness isn’t about outside appearance, but it is about how your body processes everything internally too. Combined with Precision Nutrition, I strive to help you not only set goals, but I help you achieve them all in a realistic time frame. Look fantastic, and feel better than you ever have.

I love my job and all I can show and teach my clients. By getting your mindset right, you get out of fitness what you are willing to put in. Fitness requires hard work, discipline, diligence, and hard earned sweat. Increase your flexibility, strength, and endurance. My goal is to inspire as many as I can to fall in love with choices that are beneficial, and provide them with a healthy, happy lifestyle.