love it

I love that they offer so many classes free with your membership I love the Boot Camp Classes and Synergy. I just took the biggest looser challenge and then 12 days till Christmas with Dolly “one of their personal trainers” and I lost 20 pounds !!!!!!!!

I love that if you have a question the trainers are happy to help you and answer questions. The other gyms Ive gone too wont help you with anything unless you pay for personal training.

I love the program and the energy of Work Out West there always coming up with new classes their open to suggestions its always clean and event though its a popular place you can always find somewhere to work out.

I have been a member at Work Out West since 2007 I absolutely love it there. A nice Big Facility with Several Area’s with Cardio Equipment, Free Weights,
Weight Machines, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Racquetball & a nice Indoor Track. I used to go the Conditioning Spa but Work Out West is so much better and larger.

They were honest and open about their contract, good prices for the value of what you get !

Heather Ackerman