Tribal Training is a results driven, small group personal training program designed to build comradery while producing attainable goals during your journey.

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Sponsors will get their name added to a plaque that will hang in the Tribal Training Ground in the order of the value of the sponsorship.

Tribe Costs: Tribes are on an individual sign up schedule allowing those without a “tribe” to become a part of one. This would be flexible allowing those that want to stay in their own “tribe” to do so. Tribes meet 3 days per week for half-hour sessions. If tribal training sessions are not used, they are  non-refundable and no make up sessions will be awarded.

1-month plan $275 ($23 per Training)

2-month plan $450 ($225 per month/$19 per Training))

3-month plan $600 ($200 per month/$17 per Training and 20% off meal plan)

Meal Plans: Comprehensive meal plans can be added to Tribal Training for $200 to optimize the results of the program.