Great Staff

I would like to thank several employees at WOW for helping me meet my goals this year. My girlfriend talked me in to joining WOW over a year ago and the dual membership program is awesome and so affordable. In Jan this year I signed up for the Biggest Loser program to get in with a group of people to work out with. Victoria Dolly Fonseth was our team leader and she measured me in at 18.3% body fat. She brought so much energy, motivation and inspiration to our group workouts and had all of us excited to work out every day. I finished that program and started personal training with Chris Kramer. She kept the motivation going for me and got my body fat down to 13.3% by May, 2013. While training with her I was attending Kim Mcmurren’s boot camp class twice a week and she is a lady knows how to kick your butt in a workout! She has more energy and motivation than I have ever had and I swear in that one hour you burn enough calories to last a week! The gals at the front desk are always so friendly to me and Reece, Tammy and Jeremy have always helped me with concerns and questions along the way. Thank you WOW for being wow in my book. Leslie J.

Leslie Johnson