Team TUFF Lifestyle Challenge


8 week challenge to build healthy habits and win prizes. Join our Facebook group for support and tips!


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"My fiance and I loved this challenge. We were able to improve ourselves and learn a lot about our habits. I realized I was stretching for a very short amount of time and he realized he skipped a lot of meals. Putting these goals down on paper helped us focus more and be more intentional with our daily actions. We’re both looking forward to the next challenge!"- Savanah

"Having done the challenge the first round helped me realize that I was already doing some of the work but I wasn’t doing it with consistency. It helped me stay on track with my physical and mental health. The challenge has been an awesome experience that helps create better habits to live a healthier life." - Deb

"Tom is great at keeping everyone motivated and engaged! As someone who was initially intimidated by the challenge, I can say with absolute certainty that once you start and stick with it, you’ll thank yourself later. Both the mental and physical changes you will notice in yourself are well worth it and so rewarding! Round one showed me what I’m capable of and I cannot wait to see what growth round two brings."- Shelbi

"The Team Tuff challenge has truly been an eye opener for me. During the first challenge, I was able to see what I really needed to put my focus in order to see what areas in my life I could improve. The support from Tom and WoW during the challenge was amazing, and when the second challenge was announced I knew I had to jump in again. I took the lessons I learned from the first challenge and have built up on them in order to improve my quality of life both in the gym and at home, and I look forward to building continuous habits for success!- Jawni

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